Day 1 Sessions: Thursday, February 7th

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[Morning Sessions]


Engagement & Subscriber Experience Track

Emails We Love

It’s no secret: Email marketers must engage recipients from the moment they arrive in the inbox. The editors of Chief Marketer and the panelists will share real-world marketing examples of creative that drives results and stands out in the inbox. Learn how to energize your campaigns with engaging subject lines, winning copy, innovative desktop and mobile design elements and creative personalization.

Beth Negus Viveiros, Managing Editor, Chief Marketer
Grant Johnson, President & CEO, Johnson Direct 

Analytics & Optimization Track

The Data Divide:  How Cloud Based Data Management is Rewriting Digital Marketing

Digital marketers know firsthand the challenges of working with large datasets.  Marketing automation promises to solve a world of ills, but there are still indexing, hygiene, governance and other challenges in constructing data from disparate sources/channels into a unified customer view. However, this unified view makes an organization’s marketing, especially email marketing, more effective.  This session includes a review of technologies and strategies that are making data management accessible to those with limited technical knowledge (and budgets).

Dave Scott, CEO, MarketFish
Stephen Guerra, LexisNexis
Gregory Bright, Gannett

Strategy & Program Management Track

Mobile First (Case Study)
As more and more people open their email on smartphones, email marketers are forced to prioritize their messaging hierarchy. Verizon Wireless, in partnership with Responsys, learned that by focusing on mobile messaging first, they began to produce better marketing content for their customers. Learn how Verizon Wireless developed its own “mobile first” program – with better overall marketing results.

Wacarra Yeomans, Director, Creative Services,Responsys, Inc.
John Edwards, Verizon Wireless

Integration & Cross Channel Marketing

Building a Content Machine

Companies struggle to develop enough content for digital marketing efforts, not realizing that their greatest advocates (customers and employees) are willing to provide insights and expertise. We’ll show examples of how both B2B and B2C companies tap the expertise of employees and customers to develop content for blogs, email marketing and social media, boosting click-through-rates and engagement.

Chris Baggott, Chairman, Compendium
Jeremy Fairley, Tampa Bay & Company
Ali Swerdlow, VP, Marketing & Sales, Leadspend


[Midday Sessions]


Engagement & Subscriber Experience Track

What is Engagement Anyway?

With so many new solutions offering email analytics or email intelligence the industry needs to agree on what is actually meant by the word engagement and how it should be measured. This panel discussion will be based on a soon to be released UK DMA white paper presenting viewpoints from both sides of the Atlantic.

Skip Fidura, DotMailer
Dela Quist, AlchemyWorx
Kath Pay, Direct Marketing UK
Tim Watson, Zettasphere

Moderator: Ken Magill, The Magill Report 

Analytics & Optimization Track

Using Analytics Effectively: You Can Do This!

Email marketers are faced with tons of data that can be used to optimize and build more relevant campaigns which yield greater conversation. There are many simple to use tools that make it possible for marketers to turn data into action. This session will illustrate how companies feed 1st party (purchase history, social, email) and 3rd party data into an analytics engine and automate the process of deploying emails personalized with relevant content and or offers.

Phil Davis, CEO, Rapleaf
Erik Severinghaus, CEO, SimpleRelevance
John Kavaliauskas, TBC Corp, Senior Manager, Email & Data Driven Marketing
Amanda Stewart, Entertainment Benefits Group, Sr Manager, Marketing

Strategy & Program Management Track

Inspiring Consumers to Connect with an Iconic Product (A Ball® Brand Canning Multi-Channel Case Study)*

How do you take an iconic brand with a rich 127-year history and make it relevant to a new generation? This is the question that launched a multi-channel campaign that helped reinvigorate an already strong group of canners and appeal to new enthusiasts and grow the brand more than 25%. Learn how Ball® Brand Canning conceived and executed an engagement program with both digital, social and offline promotions and experiences.

Chris Carlisle, Senior Director, Marketing, Jarden Home Brands
Jeffrey Fromm, EVP, Barkley

*and Ball®, TMs Ball Corporation, used under license.

Integration & Cross Channel Marketing Track


Automating Email Messaging for Greater Relevancy & Revenue (Case Study)

Can you really “set it and forget it” and still maintain high relevancy?  (Answer: Not really.)  Automation technology has advanced, but it still takes great strategy and thoughtful management to make it work for both subscribers and your profitability margin.  The Sallie Mae program has evolved to utilize many advanced automation techniques.  Learn the story of that progression, and how to manage automation given measurement, cost, business changes, and subscriber preferences around frequency and cadence.  You’ll hear about key aspects of a successful automation program include time to allow, data challenges, monitoring, measurement, and change management.

Mike Ricciardi, Sr. Director Email Strategy and Operations, Sallie Mae
Ryan Phelan, VP, Strategy, Acxiom Digital Impact


[Afternoon Sessions]


Engagement & Subscriber Experience Track

The Emotional Path to Higher Email Marketing Response

What is it precisely that motivates people to respond to your email marketing messages and how does knowing this drive higher open, click and conversion rates? Learn why *evoking emotion* is the key to provoking email response in this insightful session that de-cloaks human motivation theory to reveal the top (wildly under-used) emotion-evoking tactics you can immediately apply for better email marketing results.

Karen Talavera, Founder, Synchronicity Marketing

Analytics & Optimization Track

RFM Gold: Using Analytics to Drive Conversions (Case Study)

Many marketers still struggle with what data to use, what metrics to measure, how to access and leverage data to better engage customer with real relevance with email as the anchor of a coordinated cross-channel marketing approach.
This presentation will illustrate how online retailer, Universal Screen Arts, uses data and analytics reporting on Recency, Frequency and Monetization (RFP) of email campaigns to drive stronger conversions.

Lisa Papageras, Manager, E-commerce, Universal Screen Arts

Strategy & Program Management Track

New Best Practices for Opt Out Management (Research Study)

Many brands are inadvertently holding the exit door for their customers when it comes to their direct marketing campaigns. We’re not meeting customers’ expectations when we send mass emails and messages that aren’t relevant. And when we miss the mark, customers will opt-out. Our research shows you just how much this miscommunication can cost you: the ability to communicate with your customers.

Jeffrey Nicholson, VP, Global Marketing, Pitney Bowes

Integration & Cross Channel Marketing Track

Segmentation Strategies Across Channels

We are currently undergoing a radical shift in the delivery of information. As the recipients of today strive for more and more information, they demand to have it THEIR way, as in THEIR media. They require branded content and context; they seek to define the delivery media of their choice; and they want both privacy protection and the benefits of data driven marketing. Learn how to strategically use segmentation strategies to engage and empower your subscribers across channels.

Moderator: Nate Romance, Sr. Director, Strategic Services, Exact Target
Panelists: Jai Williams, StrongMail, Dave Hendricks, Live Intent, Dwight Sholes, American Express Travel Vacations

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