Day 2 Sessions: Friday, February 8th

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[Morning Sessions]


Engagement & Subscriber Experience Track

Customer Acquistion & ReEngagement For FREE (Case Study)

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Too often, companies have multiple email lists operating in silos by numerous marketing owners with different objectives. After initial engagement, unique customers across multiple lists will be in different marketing lifecycle stages. Therefore, collaboration among business owners is critical and all lists should be treated as a new acquisition, retargeting and re-engagement opportunities.

Christine Yaged, Senior Manager, Product Development, Publishers Clearing House Online

Analytics & Optimization Track

Beyond Batch and Blast: Next Steps in Customer Engagement  (Case Study)

Quick – steal these great ideas to graduate from batch and blast (generic) email marketing to advanced, high response engagement marketing. Using Relevancy Group analysis and methodology to examine the forces behind email program evolution, these three case studies will illustrate how to use email marketing for better, more profitable customer engagement.

  • Learn how WorldVision put real numbers behind their email member base, big and small, to transform its marketing and engagement focus.
  • See how Crabtree & Evelyn capitalized on the power of social to drive email growth and engagement, reaching two week marketing goals in 48 hours.
  • Get an inside view of how Fila leveraged the power of their customer transactional files to tailor relevant and timely messages to their best customers for outstanding ROI.

Arthur Sweetser, 89 Degrees
David Daniels
, Founder, Relevancy Group
Todd Ranson, WorldVision

Strategy & Program Management Track

Making it to the Inbox

Inbox deliverability is the name of the game for any email marketer. You’ve heard about the “rules of engagement,” but as with all technology-based processes, email marketing has undergone dramatic changes in the past few years, creating new obstacles for modern marketers. Learn the latest strategies for working with leading receivers in North America and abroad, as well as understand the evolving compliance landscape. Make deliverability a key part of your strategy, not a reactive exercise.

Moderator: Dennis Dayman, Eloqua
Panelists: Chris Kolbenschlag, Bronto Software; Matthew Vernhout, TC Media

Integration & Cross Channel Marketing

Considering the “Whole Brain” to Design Effective Cross Channel Marketing Programs

Hear how MARC USA tapped the latest findings in neuro-marketing to design integrated programs for Rite Aid and Macy’s. These programs, fueled by powerful emotional connections and triggered through the use of Behavioral Economics principles have produced eye-popping results. The Rite Aid case study shows how the emotional connection inspired and informed store design, online and offline communications, experiential marketing and was the foundation for a game changing loyalty program attributed with turning the brand around. The Macy’s Star Beach program shows how the biggest department store chain in the world found new relevance for the Millennial target by infiltrating their college experience.

Jean McLaren, MARC USA


[Midday Sessions]


Engagement & Subscriber Experience Track

What’s Working Now: Tips for Acquisition in 2013

It’s time to shake up your acquisition strategy with new innovations that are working now. Learn proven techniques that will help you break out of marketing “ruts” and squeeze more mileage out of every marketing dollar. You’ll gain an advanced understanding of progressive tactics, including list acquisition and messaging essentials, developing a first-class database, deepening the strength of each offer and increasing revenue.

Jay Schwedelson, President/CEO, Worldata

Analytics & Optimization Track

Evolution of Email at Discover (Case Study)

The session is dedicated to reviewing how Discover Financial has evolved its email marketing efforts over the years to keep up and stay ahead of the industry curve. We will review specific examples and metrics
around such key initiatives as: becoming CAN SPAM compliant, integrating behavior-based data for email program automation, optimizing email for mobile channel, integrating email efforts with other channels, and much more.

Lilia Arsenault, Director, Client Services, e-Dialog
Jeff Teitelbaum, Director, Digital Delivery, Discover Financial Services

Strategy & Program Management Track

Email that Moves You: Responsive Design and Beyond to Optimize Mobile Email ROI

Devices are pervasive, so don’t let your email content be left behind. Mobile email is the future of email and most email marketers are not using progressive strategies and technology to enhance their campaigns. This how-to session will bring together some of the best minds in mobile email design and deployment to showcase how to use Responsive Design and other techniques to improve your mobile readership – and subscriber satisfaction.

Moderator: Simms Jenkins, Founder & CEO, BrightWave Marketing
Panel: Manny Ju, Blue Hornet; Sean Shoffstall, Ozone Online, Jordan Cohen, VP, Marketing Movable Ink

Integration & Cross Channel Marketing Track

Hype vs. Reality : Case Studies in Our Mobile World

Learn how HTC and LiveNation are adjusting to the new reality of driving digital marketing success via email in an increasingly fragmented mobile world of iOS, Android, and Windows and their most recent iterations.

Jay Jhun, VP of Strategic Services, BrightWave Marketing
Matt Annerino, Senior Director, Direct Marketing, LiveNation
Royce Workman, Director, Shared Digital Capabilities, Digital Marketing, Nationwide Insurance


[Afternoon Sessions]


Engagement & Subscriber Experience Track

Sender-Receiver Distrust: Can We Erase This From Our Industry? (Idea Sharing Workshop)

Let’s be honest. The distrust between senders and receivers defines so much of our industry, and yet, we all just accept it as part of “the rules of engagement.” Do we really have no opportunity to foster understanding and improve transparency? This panel of experts from both sides will lead a constructive and positive discussion about what we can all do to understand the various perspectives, and set out an Action Plan that the DMA will help lead. Please join us to share your stories with the intent of developing solutions. (No whining or complaining allowed.)

Stephanie Miller, VP, Member Relations, Direct Marketing Association
Derek Harding, Innovyx
Melinda Plemel, Return Path

Analytics & Optimization Track

The Value of Social Analytics (Case Study)

We all want to use social media marketing to connect with customers, reach new audiences, increase user engagement and loyalty, improve partner relationships and increase revenue.Join this IBM case study on what to consider in launching a successful program.

Pam Evans, Sr. Markteing Manager, IBM

Strategy & Program Management Track

Dirty In, Dirty Out. Keeping Your List Clean Case Studies

When compiling an email list, the traditional wisdom has always been, “double opt-in is best.” Although that may be true in some cases, it may not be essential in every case and can actually impede list growth. We’ll show you the best ways to collect data and increase conversions while making sure that your email list is as clean as possible.

Craig Swerdloff, Leadspend
Kevin Hickey, Global Manager, Email/SMS Marketing at InterContinental Hotels Group

Integration & Cross Channel Marketing Track

Email Marketing 3.0: The New Best Practices

You are probably already getting good results from your email marketing campaigns. So why fix what isn’t broken? Because soon old tricks will lose their luster, and you want to be ahead of the game.In this session, McDonald will challenge some tried and true email “best” practices, encouraging marketers to think bigger and showcasing successful results from marketers who’ve already dared to be different.

Loren McDonald, Silverpop
Jessica Andreasen, ZAGG

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