Pre-Conference Workshops

[Peak Performance Bootcamp for Email Marketers]

Wednesday, February 6 — 10a-3p

Whether you’re just starting out or getting back into top email marketing condition, this “bootcamp”-style session goes beyond basic training to deliver both the essential knowledge and strategic moves you need for top-performing email marketing.  What motivates people to subscribe to your email and how do you keep them not only on your list, but more and more engaged so they never leave? Which message design and creative tactics provoke response and make your email “worth sending” every time? And how do you measure email’s impact in meaningful ways that yield insight into what works (or what doesn’t) and tell a compelling story for your business? This workshop reveals answers to these questions and more.

In this half-day training you’ll learn:

  • Tactics that make joining your email list irresistible
  • Trust, comfort and credibility-boosting techniques for online data gathering you can apply immediately to build your list
  • Strategies for sustaining interest and provoking curiosity in your email program over the long haul
  • Engagement-driving campaigns no email marketing program should be without
  • Innovations and new developments in email message design
  • The right creative approaches for producing short-term immediate engagement, and the ones that foster long-term loyalty and produce raving email fans
  • How to ensure your email metrics are accurate, statistically valid and reliable
  • The best way to measure true email marketing impact – even if you’re not an e-commerce marketer

This interactive session includes a “live learning lab” component with real-life email message critiques from the experts plus collaborative audience feedback, so come prepared with examples of your email sign-up pages, messages and questions. This is your chance to get the professional input you’ve been craving!

Austin Bliss, President & Co-Founder, FreshAddress

Austin Bliss, President & Co-Founder of FreshAddress, Inc. was the driving force behind the original design and development of FreshAddress’ patented Email Change of Address (ECOA) technology. He is an active member of the DMA and EEC, a frequent content contributor to industry publications, and a highly-regarded presenter at industry events. Austin was named a “Rising Star” by the DMEF, an award bestowed on four individuals under 40 who have demonstrated strong leadership skills in the direct marketing industry. Prior to FreshAddress, Austin won national recognition for his innovative technical work with the UN and the Carnegie Foundation.


Karen Talavera, President, Synchronicity Marketing

Karen Talavera is President of Synchronicity Marketing, home of enlightened email marketing consulting, coaching and training. She is the principal, founding email marketing trainer for the DMA, as well as a professional educator in email and digital marketing for the Online Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. Karen’s unique blend of digital channel expertise in combination with her finely honed direct response mindset has improved email marketing knowledge and results for hundreds of clients ranging from Random House, NASCAR, Bank of the West and Applied Materials to agencies, associations and independent entrepreneurs. For a no-obligation consult to gain greater clarity and direction in your email and online marketing call (561) 967-9665 or visit

Email List Building & Growth Basic Training (1 hour)

  • Email address gathering avenues, methods and hidden opportunities
  • Managing permission and avoiding permission pitfalls
  • Online sign-up and data gathering best practices
  • Tactics for ensuring subscriber longevity and minimizing list churn
  • The top three strategies for steady email list growth

Exercising Your Creative Muscle (1 hour)

  • The latest subject line research and strategic approaches for grabbing attention and ensuring opens
  • Beyond pretty: email design basics for successful rendering and deliverability
  • Engagement-generating strategic, copy and content techniques
  • New creative tools and technical innovations that liven up the inbox
  • Real-life examples and cases

The Email Marketer’s Healthy Diet (Lunch + 20-minute open Q&A)

Live Learning Lab (1 hour)

This interactive working session is your chance to flex your email marketing muscle and put your expertise to the test. Includes subject line creation time-trials, collaborative audience feedback sessions for actual email marketing messages and landing pages, and expert critique as well. (To submit email messages or web pages for feedback during the live session, email them to

Focus on Results: Email Marketing Metrics that Matter (1 hour)

  • Understanding the metrics that matter and why
  • Extracting intelligence from email campaign results analysis
  • The Top Two next-generation email marketing measures not to miss
  • EEC SAME Project Standards and update

[Mobile Digital Social Bootcamp]

Wednesday, February 6 — 10a-3p

Showcasing new ideas in email, digital, mobile and social marketing — this dynamic session offers an immersive forum for attendees to draw inspiration from one another. You’ll explore how the convergence of new technologies and techniques across the spectrum of digital marketing are being brought to bear on email today.

Many brands report that more than 51% of their consumers open their email on mobile devices and more than 63% use mobile to interact on social media. Email, mobile, and social are key drivers of consumer engagement. Mobile is key when it is urgent, email makes it personal, and social allows our consumers to be heard.

Brands that integrate these three channels to drive digital commerce have been able to achieve higher levels of engagement. The next plateau of success is for brands that will successfully integrate digital with traditional channels – true Omni-Channel scenarios.

Our workshop will focus on ideal practices; case studies – both success stories and lessons learned, providing new and practical ideas to the innovative marketer.

Sundeep Kapur
KapurSundeep Kapur has been assisting organizations with their converged channel marketing strategies since 1990. From direct marketing to digital to converged, he is a passionate teacher who works with businesses across multiple industries, helping them to enable technology and services to brand, personalize, and speak to consumers more effectively.
Sundeep is an industry-recognized expert who has delivered keynotes, run panels, and provided “relevant, inspirational, and outstanding” education for organizations around the world. His daily dose of best practices can be found at where he has more than 1,200 articles on best practices.
Veronica Stecker
SteckerVeronica Stecker is a deft omni-channel advertising strategist who specializes in social media engagement, mobile innovations and cross-channel optimization. Veronica previously ran digital marketing for the large retail chain, Gordmans; and has enjoyed the privilege of speaking on such topics for webinars and conferences including Webtrends-Engage, Socialize, and the All Facebook Expo.

Here are some of the key points to be covered –

  • Finding new consumers across multiple channels
  • Capturing the three kinds of consumer preferences
  • How to make your email & social campaigns mobile centric
  • Why mobile is more than the smart phone
  • Measuring engagement & ROI across channels

Digital has been used to find new consumers, learn more about these consumers, and turn consumers into brand ambassadors. Successful brands will integrate their digital properties into their traditional marketing & communication mix.

Join us for a three part workshop where your instructors will show you how to engage across channel with specific tactics, achievable goals, and successful metrics.

A – Defining a vision and strategy

  1. Five key principles to drive social engagement
  2. Seven success mantras for brands and mobile in 2013
  3. 10 email marketing sins to avoid

B – Drilling down into specifics

  1. Leveraging social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter
  2. Nine other social media tools
  3. How to design content for all three channels – email, mobile, and social
  4. Five ways to enhance email with social media
  5. Practical tips on mobile and mobility

C – Measuring success with practical metrics

  1. Measuring Social ROI
  2. Nine key email metrics
  3. Defining & measuring success criteria for mobile
  4. How to measure across all three channels
  5. Measuring engagement, ROI, and reach

The key is to define a strategy, create tactics, and come up with practical ways to measure your success. Whether you are just starting out or have a well-defined plan, we will help to build a solid foundation and understanding to make sure you have everything you need to be successful in your digital marketing efforts.

[Creative Briefing for Email Campaigns]

Wednesday, February 6 — 10a-3p

What makes great creative (25 minutes)

  • Three case studies :  Safeway Grocery Delivery, REI Newsletter, AllState

Great Creative is Driven by Great Content

  • Content marketing strategies in a multi-channel world
  • Content curation approaches and methodologies
  • Using social and other content in email marketing
  • Workshop” Write your Content Marketing Mission Statement

What makes a great creative brief (1.5 hours – with working session)

  • Why Briefs?  A process, not a document
  • The Brief is the primary indicator that a goal has become an actual project
  • Types of Projects (ad hoc and production)
  • Three things you need to give your Creative Team
  • Workshop:  Building a Creative Brief & Writing a Strategy Statement

Break (30 minutes)

Use the brief to evaluate the creative (1.5 hours with two working sessions)

  • 3 Tips for evaluating Creative
  • How to give feedback
  • Workshop – Reviews of actual creative built from Briefs

Questions (30 minutes)

Wacarra Yeomans, Director of Creative Services, Responsys

Wacarra is an expert in creative strategy in the digital direct marketing channels. As the Seattle Creative Director for Responsys, she develops cross-channel campaigns, enhances brand experience and improves program performance for top-notch brands across the retail, branded food, technology and entertainment industries. Wacarra contributes to the Email Insider and New School Marketing Blogs and the Email Experience Council Design Roundtable and has presented at ClickZ Marketing Week, and the Direct Marketing Association’s Email Certification Program.

Chris Baggott, CEO, Compendium Blogware